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Remember Us Urban Legends formally Remember Us Urban Scouts provides community based programs inside of Columbus City Schools, After school programs, and host Monthly Community Events. All of our programs focus on Trauma Informed Care and Models ensuring culturally relevant programs for the communities we serve. 

RUUL's Afterschool  Leadership Program is 9 month training aligning with the Columbus City Schools school year exposing teens 14 - 18 years to leadership and what it means to be a leader in their own life, school, and community. 


RUUL's summer skilled trade empowerment training. Youth have the choice to be exposed to the industries of landscaping or braiding. This summer program is 9 weeks, five days a week, with paid stipends. Teens learn skill trades, Social Emotional Learning, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and so much more! 

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Students success is the heart of our mission. We partner with Columbus City Schools to assist their efforts in preparing our teens to meet graduation requirements. Our in school programs allows students to receive up to one seal and community services hours. 

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"My experience as an ambassador has been very fun and educational. As an ambassador I’m able to be more hands on in my community and I’m able to learn about valuable skills that will help me as I grow as a person and as I go to work outside this company." - Jaleyah Valentine

"What is like being an ambassador of RUUL is that I have a voice, When I started, I was really quiet but now I’m really talkative. They made me feel like family. I’ve been with Mr. Geno since the summer of 2023 and when they brought me in as an ambassador, I was surprised I was honored, and I was proud of myself. It is a pleasure to work with Mr. Geno and his staff and my fellow ambassadors." - Tayonna Rush

“It’s so many pros like making connections, understanding leadership and gaining life skills and meeting new people it takes us out of our comfort zone!” - Daylan "DJ" Jones

“You bring a little more pride and make this school more interesting.” - Tamia Givens

"I really enjoy working with Remember Us Urban Legends and there's many reasons why. When my mom first found the organization I joined the braiding program and it was awesome. The summer program provides a really great learning experience in braiding and also landscaping and it gives kids an opportunity to to work together. It keeps youth out of trouble, and also provides skills that you can use to make your own money and soon start your own business. As an ambassador, I love planning and hosting events and just giving to the community. RUUL is like a family and they support you all the way. I have gained the skills of leadership, ownership, speech and integrity and really thank everyone in this program for having me. Also as a teen single mom still in school, not having a really good schedule to get an outside job; RUUL provides stipends that really help me support my child." - Jaylin Shine

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